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Insurance Algarve

Our services are based on an intelligent translation of your needs. We are aware of your need for value, in both the delivery of our services and purchasing your insurance at the right price.
Jim Player has a wide range of products for individuals and families, from the most essential such as home insurance, car insurance, health insurance or life insurance, to more specific insurances such as private and family liability insurance and even insurance on a trip.

Jim Player also offers insurance for art, jewelry and valuables. Corporate insurance for local accommodation businesses, condominiums and hotels.

Our solutions for companies offer specific solutions according to the size and activity of your company. As a business owner you will need activity liability insurance as well as insurance for your workplace.

If you are a business you may need insurance specific to your industry and product liability or perhaps cyber insurance to protect your online business from cyber attacks. We also offer work accident insurance, insurance for company directors, fleet insurance for company cars, insurance for the tourism sector.

At Jim Player we are insurance specialists. We have 40 years of experience in the market. We will be happy to help you understand and decide on the most suitable policy, within your needs and budget for you, your family and even your company.

Our clients receive a range of services, including:

  • Helping to understand and decide on the appropriate insurance policy
  • Identification of risks and discussion on appropriate insurance strategies
  • Co-ordinating specialist risk management solutions
  • Designing specialist cover for various sectors
  • International insurance
  • Dealing with all aspects of claims
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Seguros de Habitação

Household Insurance

Although the Algarve has a relatively low crime rate, it is highly recommended to have building & contents insurance in order to protect your most valuable possessions. Our multirisks policies also cover many other eventualities such as damage due to storms, lightening, floods, fire etc. We work with many companies and we will be able to find the right policy for your needs.
Public Liability with rentals | Accidental damage | Outside garden furniture | Jewellery (all risks) | Works of art & antiques.
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Seguros de Veículos

Portuguese and UK Registered Vehicles Insurance

We can provide various levels of cover for both Portuguese and UK registered vehicles, all of which include breakdown recovery service. As we work with various companies, we can investigate the options and find the most competitive price for the type of policy you require.

Having a car accident can be a very traumatic experience, especially when you don’t speak the language. We will help you through the claim process and liaise with the companies on your behalf.
Covers to consider:
Public Liability | Travel assistance | Replacement vehicle in case of a breakdown/claim | Malicious damage or vandalism | Different excesses available
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Seguros de Saúde

Medical Insurance

As the Portuguese Health Service can incur lengthy delays for appointments and treatments, it is of great benefit to have private health insurance. Private health insurance enables you to gain quick access to high quality medical facilities / specialists. We work with a variety of companies who provide various levels of cover in Portugal and throughout Europe.
Area of cover available: Portugal / Europe / Worldwide | In-Patient and Out-Patient Cover | Dental Treatment / Pregnancy / Evacuation & Repatriation as optional extras | Age Limits for Joining: 0 to 79 years.
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Seguros de Embarcações

Marine Insurance

The Pleasure Boat Insurance is a mandatory Civil Liability insurance for motor and sailing boats, jet skis, jet skis and windsurf boards.

If you own a recreational boat, ensure your safety and the damage caused to third parties.If you are an entrepreneur in maritime tourist activities, insurance for the boats and the activity are also mandatory.
Who is it for?
Owners and users of recreational boats, namely motor boats, sailing, water scooters, jet skis and windsurf boards. Entrepreneurs of Maritime-Touristic activities.
Main Coverages
Civil liability | Damage or theft of the vessel (including accessories) | Personal Accidents | Maritime assistance to the vessel.

This insurance allows you to choose the option that best suits your vessel and guarantees compliance with what is required by law.
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Seguros de Vida

Life/Pension and Mortgage Protection Insurance

Many people do not like to think about themselves or a family member passing away. It is extremely important however, to ensure you have financial arrangements in place should the worse happen. The insurance companies we work with provide a variety a products which provide financial assistance to your family in the event of your death or permanent disability which sometimes can be more devastating.

Very competitive rates for your mortgage protection policy are available. Not only ensuring your mortgage is paid for is important, but providing inheritance for your family to enable them to continuing cover their on-going living costs too.

We can also provide a range of Pension products. Please contact us to talk about the range of products / options available.
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Seguros para Empresas

Commercial Insurance

If you are a business owner or employer in Portugal there are a number of insurance policies which you are required to have by law. Please contact us to help guide you through this and provide you with a competitively priced policies, for your business requirements.
Different types of insurance available:
Workers compensation policy | Public Liability
Seguros de Viagem

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may seem to some as an unnecessary expense, however situations can easily occur which could lead to a claim. Travel insurance policies provide many covers, such as cancellation cover, emergency medical expenses and travel delay. It also offers 24 hour assistance should you need it.
Annual and Single Trip policies | European / Worldwide Cover | Single Trip policies available up to age 85 | Winter sports and golfers cover available